The Hard Yards New Zealand

by Roger Reardon


This website features music and DVD's put together by Roger during his Hard Yards of life. Have a listen, have a watch, and buy more when ready.

Gluttons Gluttons
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Gluttons Album. Have a Listen:

1.  Scarwound
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2.  Dirty Berty
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3.  Uppercut
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4.  Neglect
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5.  Mosquito
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Agony Album. Have a Listen:

1.  Barter
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2.  Cock a Doodle Doo
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3.  Erif
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4.  Mastercater
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5.  Scarwound
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6.  Uppercut
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7.  Waiheke
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Hard Yards - About Roger

Reverse psychology we make no apology for finally opening shop!

Starting back in Feb 1996 not knowing anything about the film or music industry this is our third attempt!
We've had our fair share of setbacks, and it's made us more determined than ever to utilise that tremendous amount
of all round pressure, and come out with a brilliant end result giving you great deals and helping out people in need!
This website is where you can purchase our audio tracks, DVD's, and support our cause!


Our Films Parental Guidance

Check out our classic Kiwi New Zealand films below! Wanna see more?
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The Hard Yards

The documentary of our genuine,
mean struggle.

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Sharks & Other Monsters

A film about Sharks and other
real fishing in New Zealand.

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The Big Row

First attempt failed, shipwrecked.
Second attempt, had me guts cut open.

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Handlining DVD

Handlining DVD

Learn how to catch fish Handlining with Roger.

Coming soon, stay tuned!